“Christian Zionism”: Theologizing Slaughter

The videos that follow were recorded in 2018. Given the current events in the Middle East, it is worthwhile to revist the important topic of Christian Zionism, which theologizes present-day slaughter through the twin tropes of “prophecy” and the “Chosen People.”

In 2022, Archbishop Atallah Hanna gave this assessment of “Christian Zionism”:

We call on journalists and media outlets to stop the use of this term because it has no place in the Christian Church and theology… Just because a group in America calls itself Christian and advocates for Zionism, does not mean they represent Christianity. It also does not mean we should adopt this false terminology in our writings and teachings.

We do not recognize this so-called Christian Zionism because Christianity is a religion that calls for love, peace, and for siding by the oppressed and the dispossessed wherever and whoever they are… However, Zionism is a completely different thing; it is a racist ideology and movement that has been the reason behind so many injustices and catastrophes inflicted on our Palestinian people.

We denounce and reject all attempts to link Christianity with Zionism; how can Christianity, a religion that calls for compassion and love, be combined with a racist ideology, responsible for all this suffering in the Holy Land and the region… How can this movement claim to represent Christianity while it advocates for wars and destruction that did not spare anybody, including Christians.

We can, for instance, refer to them as Zionist groups that allege being Christian, especially since their beliefs contradict the peaceful message of Christianity… These groups are harming Christianity; they can call themselves whatever they want; however, this doesn’t mean we should adopt their false terminology and ideology.

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