Democracy: How Free are We?

This is a hard-hitting documentary film about the meaning and quality of democracy. We hear this word all the time today, but very few try to explain what is meant by it. We are told that we should want more democracy, but at the same time we are told that democracy is under threat. It is always good to know how to understand what is meant by democracy, and why we need to value it.

This documentary film was made in 1945, as the Second World War was winding down, when everyone knew that the six previous years of conflict, with millions dead, was all about ensuring that democracy would triumph and bring peace and prosperity to all. But has this promise been kept in the years that have followed?

Democracy lays out a very straightforward method of finding out if our society is still democratic, is still free. There are key indicators, which either diminish or increase to affirm how democratic a society is. This is very hard-hitting and honest documentary, which provides a clear understanding of what is at stake.

Be sure to watch the companion piece to this documentary (Despotism).