October 7: What Really Happened?

“When the Israelis and their supporters are called on to justify the ferocity of their response, which has killed far, far more people than the Hamas incursion… again and again and again, they will talk about babies and they will talk about rapes” (Richard Sanders).

Watch, October 7, Richard Sanders film that blows apart the claims commonly used to “explain” the slaughter of the innocent by Israel. It is an appeal to “logic” which readily equates thousands of dead children with “terrorists,” and which also portrays this wholesale murder as “self-defense.”

Richard Sanders investigates and finds thatthe truth of that fateful day to be far different than what is commonly believed and asserted by the supporters of Israel.

Here is Sander’s film, October 7, which may be viewed at Rumble:

If Rumble does not work for you, you may also view this documentary film at this stable link.

Also, watch this excellent interview with Sanders: