The Green Dragon and its Agony

This problem has arisen not just now, but as the West, having received for one historical moment a semblance of sole planetary domination (after the collapse of the USSR), was unable to put its leadership into practice, as a result of which new sovereign poles—Russia and China—began to assert themselves. Other poles are on the … Read More

Against Liberal Totalitarianism

Liberal Totalitarianism In all seriousness, liberal hegemony is still very strong in the country. The fact is that practically all the basic attitudes transmitted in education, humanities and culture since 1991 have been built on strictly liberal models. Everything in our country is liberal, starting with the Constitution. Even the very prohibition of ideology is … Read More

The Russian World and its Cathedral

On the threshold of the jubilee congress of the World Russian People’s Council in the Kremlin, which is dedicated to the Russian World, it is necessary to address the very concept of “Russian World” in a little more detail. The very combination of the Russian World caused a lot of controversy and heated politics. Everyone … Read More

War and the Future of Russia

Alexander Dugin recently sat down with Pavel Volkov of to discuss the current war in the Ukriane and its implications for the future of Russia. We bring you this English translation through the kind courtesy of Geopolitka and (Part 1 and Part 2). Pavel Volkov (PV): Alexander Dugin, against the background of recent … Read More

Political Magic and the Image of Victory

“Magical reflections on Russia’s defeat,” which the West has begun to talk about explicitly, advising us to stop them, is another name for political-military propaganda with a neat and quite appropriate reference to anthropology. Propaganda is the magic of war. The reality spell is quite effective: the magician recites a formula that makes the audience … Read More

Judeo-Christian Civilization Does Not Exist in the West

The escalation of Israel’s war with Palestine is certainly consolidating the Islamic world. Conservatives in the West are once again talking about defending “Judeo-Christian civilization in the face of the Muslims”—the radical ideology of Hamas gives them a convenient excuse for this. However, a society of profound atheism, materialism, legalization of all kinds of perversions, … Read More

Metaphysics of Information Warfare

The global information war is now in full swing. Several versions of reality are clashing with each other more and more openly. Societies and individuals choose for themselves which reality to believe in. And then live in it. If we think “in the old way,” in the spirit of classical materialism, there is only one … Read More

The Middle East: An Eschatological Scenario

Let us try to describe one of the possible scenarios of further escalation in the Middle East. **** The Palestinian uprising begins in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Fatah cannot contain the situation. Seeing Israel carrying out a full-blown genocide in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians launch an all-out revolt. The IDF continues to … Read More

Breaking Away from the Civilization of Death

We need to do a mental experiment and imagine what else—other than a nuclear strike—could the West at war with us do to us? What sanctions to impose? Who to expel? How to humiliate? Kick us out of where? Deprive us of what? (We are not considering a nuclear strike, because they won’t, and if … Read More

A Decisive Turn in the Special Military Operation

Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma, made a really important post on his Telegram channel, on September 25. Because of its importance, we will cite it in its entirety: Seven facts that Washington and Brussels have lost the “war of attrition” against Russia. Biden, Stoltenberg, and other Western officials, referring to the conflict in … Read More