The Russian Peace: A Conversation With Alexander Dugin

This wide-ranging conversation with Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher, on President Putin, on the current conflict in the Ukraine, and the future destiny of Russia provides much-needed context on what is happening now throughout Eurasia, as the world undergoes a shift in allegiances, or what Dugin would call “multipolarity.” The West, mired in Wokery, has lost … Read More

In Memoriam: Darya Dugin

On August 20, 2022, Darya Dugin, scholar, journalist, pattriot and daughter of Alexander Dugin, was assassinated by a car-bomb. There was a worldwide outpouring of grief and consternation at the untimely death of one so gifted. Below, we dedicate some of these expressions. Christ is Risen! Darya Dugin: An Obituary by Alexander Markowitz On the … Read More

A Stepping-Stone out of the Cave: An Interview with Daria Dugin

Here is a fascinating interview with Daria Dugin, the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin. The conversation is wide-ranging and serves to contextualize what is currently happening in the world, namely, the struggle between globalist hegemony and multipolar alliances. This interview is made available through the kind courtesy of Breizh-Info. Breizh-info (BI): Would you introduce … Read More

Frontline Moscow

Moscow is also a frontline city, just like Donetsk, Sevastopol and Belgorod. A country at war cannot have peaceful cities. It is better to realize this now and fully. And, of course, special measures of behavior, special rules must be introduced in a warring country. The territory of the home front is not the territory … Read More

Multipolarity: An Era of Great Transition

We are living in an era of great transition. The era of the unipolar world is ending, and the era of multipolarity is coming. Changes in the global architecture of the world order are fundamental. Sometimes the processes unfold so rapidly that public thought lags behind. It is all the more important to focus on … Read More

Multipolarity Forum and Russophile Congress 2024

The Multipolarity Forum and Russophile Movement Forum, which took place from February 26-27, 2024, is a unique event that brought together influential experts, activists, politicians and members of the public to discuss key issues in international relations, politics and diplomacy. These forums have fostered dialog and exchange of views on current topics related to global … Read More

Multipolar Humanity

Speech at the Multipolarity Forum. Moscow. Lomonosov Cluster, February 26, 2024. The multipolar world is first and foremost a philosophy. It is based on criticism of Western universalism. The West has racially imperialistically identified itself with humanity. Britain once declared all the seas and oceans its property. Western civilization has declared all of humanity—above all … Read More

Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson: The Geopolitics of Dialogue

Why is Tucker Carlson’s interview momentous for both the West and Russia? Let us start with the simpler part—Russia. Here, Tucker Carlson has become a focal point of convergence for two different—polar—segments of Russian society: the ideological patriots and the elite Westernizers who nevertheless remain loyal to Putin and the Special Military Operation (SMO). For … Read More

Drone Ideology for Volunteers

In the realm of ideology in Russia we have the following picture. The state has done a lot to marginalize radical liberals. This process began in 2000 and took 24 years with several administrations. The influence of liberals on Russia’s ideology has steadily declined, but it is still very significant—primarily in culture, education, and science. … Read More

The Civilizational Approach

To effectively confront the West in the war of civilizations that Russia is already waging, we must take into account the hierarchy of plans. The highest level is identity: what is the identity of the enemy (who are we basically at war with?); what is our own identity; what is the identity of the other … Read More