A Warning, from a God-Fearing Jx: Reverse Aliyah—Flee The Jabotinski State Whilst You Yet May

Amongst the few million on this planet who yet call themselves “Jxs,” still fewer are those who believe.

One speaks to you now.

Should you be a citizen of the Jabotinski state, your vital interest dictates you leave that state now. Whilst you yet may.


Under the NSDAP regime, the great mass of Germany’s people, not to speak of her intellectuals, lived in terror. By 1937, one million non-Jx dissidents were held in concentration camps.

So great was the number of dissidents (one hundred attempts, no less, having been made on Hitler’s life, inter alia) the NSDAP strove to disguise or even to completely cover its turpitudes, to the effect that once the War broke out, unless living next to a death camp, most Germans were but faintly aware of the truth. Those who tried vigorously to ferret it out, disappeared.

A contrario, if we are to go by the polls published in the West—biased perhaps, but still—most purportedly “Jx” citizens of the Jabotinski state support the massacre in Gaza.

Under the pretext of “rooting out all ground for fear,” or whatever.

Fear, of the very racial and geopolitical conflict which the Jabotinski state itself provoked ab nihilo.


When the mob cried out before Pontius Pilate (Matthew 27:25): “His blood be on us, and on our children,”

A bon entendeur, salut.

The Jabotinski has destroyed itself. The stench of death pervades its interstices.

If a stranger come up to you in Europe and say, “Where are you from? You’ve got an accent I don’t recognize,” you will not tell. Should you, he will turn on his heel.

Wherever you be in the world, if anyone hear you speak in the Jabotinski state’s ersatz tongue, he will cross to the other side, to avoid being polluted by some murderer, accomplice to murder, or abettor to the murders in Gaza.

When on holiday, you leave the Jabotinski state to spend “your” money—perhaps “harvested” on December 28th by you men in uniform from the West Bank currency exchange counters?—in some swanky resort hyped by the US media, you will listen for every footfall in the hotel corridor, look over your shoulder in the street, fear everywhere to be “recognized,” taken for what you are:

murderer, accomplice to murder, abettor to murder.

Everywhere on earth, capital crimes, often attended by the death penalty still.

But, perhaps you are none of those things.

In which case, flee.

Reverse Aliyah.

Return whence you came, whether to Russia, the USA, Austria, Poland, France…

Unless you suspect that the citizens of those nations decline to take you back.

Need one ask, why?

A final remark: The thorny issue remains of what may become of the millions of Sef. Jxs who to their misfortune, were compelled to settle after 1948 in the Jabotinski state. These individuals are Middle-Eastern i.e., Arab in culture; the Jabotinski state being a Golem, molded by the USA and England, the least one might expect, is for the Golem’s handlers to fold these unfortunates into their, so to speak, motherly bosom.

Featured: Expulsion of the Moneychangers from the Temple, by Cecco del Caravaggio; painted ca. 1610-1620.

Mendelssohn Moses writes from France. (Revised and amended from the original French on Réseau International).