“Massaging” Children’s Minds in the Jabotinski State

The Ten-Year Run-Up To The Massacre In Gaza: The Great Kindergarten Project Of 2013.

To repent? The hour has gone. There will never be another Yom Kippur.

“But Jesus said: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

At Years’ End, one is wont to think back on childhood scenes.
Jet-setters before ever there were jets, flitting hither and thither, Mendelssohn’s parents perhaps too readily delegated the detail of their progeny’s days to a Scots governess. That said, self-centred dandy though he was, the pater familias had one great quality: a free-thinker himself, he respected the course of others’ thoughts—including his children’s—and declined to meddle. For which reason, most likely, the pater forbade television, cartoons and all things Disney, being in his view, US brain-poison. As for chewing-gum… NYET.

But the pater went further.

We are shortly after World War II.

Though beset with an incurable nervous ailment which erupted during the events of 1933, at no point did the pater ever refer to the holoxxx… while the governess had been instructed never, in his absence, to allow his children to look at film or images of the horrors. Never did he seek to present the fate of the Jxxx during the War as unique or “worse” than that which struck the Slavs, Romanians or Hungarians. A dilettante violinist before 1933, he venerated the true Germany, the true Austria, listened to their composers every night, and appointed two German Catholics as godfathers to his children.

In a nutshell, and despite glaring flaws, the pater familias upheld a certain idea of Man, and shrank from polluting the mind with ideology of any stripe.


Turning to our problem.

How can it be, that persons heretofore variously known as tailors, scientists, musicians or – God forbid – idle dreamers or Groucho Marx (with a banker or two for good measure …), having once seized far-off lands and property from their rightful, ancient inhabitants, should suddenly set to the gruesome murder of the latter in their tens of thousands and call it “war?” Without remorse, and as for repentance—there will never be another Yom Kippur.

Once arrived in the Jabotinski state, something has slithered into the mind, akin to what Professor Mattias Desmet has described as “mass formation,” this time, as demonic possession, mass psychosis to the psychiatric profession. Psychosis sporting a Janus Head, with the face of victim and tormentor being interchangeable. On the scale of the Jabotinski state, the battered child syndrome, whereby the victim grows up to inflict upon others the torments he has suffered—or merely imagines, in this particular case, to have suffered.

No-one would suggest that the Jabotinski state’s citizens, going about their lucrative affairs orstrutting in the altogether on beaches robbed manu militari from others, might be fully compos mentis, but over the past decade, those citizens have shape-shifted. As one learns from our friend Ovid’s Metamorphoses, where the guilty shape-shift into a feral beast, such as that Lycaon, turned into a wolf by Zeus, to whom he had served up a roasted hostage(!).


97 % of the Jabotinski state’s citizens have never known the holoxxx nor even been subjected to racism, since they have little or nothing to do with persons other than Themselves, and certain nothing to do with those dreadful Semites, the Palestinians.

Accordingly, the Usual Suspects swiftly gathered that if – nigh on a century after the holoxxx—the Anglo-US military platform in the Arab world known as the Jabotinski state were to be massively aggrandised, the youth must needs be polluted—pardon, saturated—with an aggressive ideology amounting, in a word, to a cult of death and of the dead.

It was in 2013 – year of the Maidan events – that the current project’s “live”, so to speak, phase, kicked off, Miliekowsky-Netanyahu having again been voted in as Prime Minister in 2009.

How does it work ?

Although earlier, in extra-curricular gatherings, millions of children had been dragged through memorials, holoxxxx musuems, forced to watch terrifying documentaries on the “real” Germany or goggle at ghoulish images… most Jabotinski state school teachers were repelled by any suggestion they should “teach” the holoxxx (Holoxxx “Educator” Miss Richler-Friedman told the press that “I see teachers and they say, ‘Don’t speak with me about it… It will take me to dark places. I don’t want it”’), to the effect that the events were dealt with in history faculties alone. That said, memorial ceremonies were being held in schools, with holoxxx survivors invited to speak to pupils, teachers and especially, soldiers.

Shape-shifting in 2013: Ovid’s Incubi Emerge from the Woodwork

Suddenly, in 2013, massaging the childish mind becomes the Order of the Day.

The Jabotinski state’s “Education” Ministry then announced that all schools would thenceforth be given formalised holoxxx lessons, throughout the 12 years’ compulsory school attendance. Said project was drafted with “experts” from the International School for Holoxxxx Studies. In 2023, these individuals are of military age.

In 2016, unbelievably, unless one acknowledge that the purpose be reversal of the psychoanalytic process, i.e., designed to provoke psychosis, the programme was injected into kindergartens as well under the whip-hand of the aforesaid Yael Richler-Friedman (also here and here).

According to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance: “Training courses in Israel and in Poland are also offered to soldiers and security personnel.”

In 2015, on Holoxxx Remembrance Day, tinies came back from kindergarten with a yellow star pinned to their jumpers, whilst in a Tel Aviv school, pupils were asked to describe a typical day in a concentration camp and imagine a conversation with an NSDAP member. Not everyone was a happy, er, camper: ““The teaching of the Holocaust to toddlers is not only inappropriate pedagogically, but it’s part of a cynical policy by Benjamin Netanyahu’s governments that instills fear and entitlement through indoctrination, to raise a generation ready for endless war,’ said Yossi Sarid, a former Education Minister and an ex-leader of the liberal Meretz Party.”

In what is the most Americanised state on earth after France, stuffed to the gills with techno-electro-rap, Red Bull, fast food, video games, drugs, porn, organised crime and Netflix, and, lest one forget, US ARMS AND US TAXPAYERS’ BILLIONS, this gigantic fallacy of composition has latched onto the minds of the targetted generations like bats into long hair.

Research, with which the Holoxxx “education” clique is undoubtedly all too well acquainted, has proven a thousand times that the voyeur who contemplates monstrosities puts himself into the role of tormentor.

Thus, by being first obliged to goggle at horrors, the child will come to “enjoy” them, and pass from imaginary victim to real-life tormentor.

Mendelssohn Moses writes from France. (Revised and amended from the original French on Réseau International).