Micronia, Land of the Spree, Home of the Knave

In a single week in Micronia, events untoward press in so thick and fast that one can scarcely keep keep up with the Fanta-Scienza of it all, as our Italian friends would say.

Those living in France, particularly those in the Upper-Middle Classes who WILL carry on savaging their mind by reading MSM, fondly imagine France being steered, genteel-like of course, by PLUs (People Like Us), i.e., dream-boat under-forties, captained by a slim, smartly set up matinée idol called E Macron or Micron. The latter, being allegedly committed to a “fairy-tale marriage” with his former school-teacher, the seventy-year old, mini-skirt wearing Brigitte Trogneux, teetering on stiletto heels 24/7.

The country is now known as Micronia, home of the Knave.

To set the tone for the rejoicings, I invite the reader to examine, closely, and think about the implications of these slightly earlier photographs and videos, which have most likely never appeared in the US or other foreign press.

To wit:

Micron, posing with self-acknowledged, and scantily clad, hoodlums in Guyana.

The Elysée Palace turned into a discothèque, 2018.

The same, with view of Brigitte Trogneux and E. Macron in the crowd:

Micron, wild-eyed Amok Time at the Qatar World Cup 2022:

Micron, petting and stroking a French soccer star at Qatar 2022:

In an especially repellent scene, the mini-skirted Brigitte Trogneux with disabled athletes in bathing suits. Fresh, or rather chilly meaning to the term “making sport”:

Confirmed by the “fact-checkers”: the weird and extremely costly Elysée Palace redecoration is NOT a hoax:

Brigitte Trogneux flogging state property, items from the Mobilier National (equivalent of the National Trust) for a foundation she chairs.

Which brings us to the latest update.

Subsidized by public funds since the 17th Century, the Paris Opera Ballet is one of the Western world’s oldest theatrical institutions. State-educated at the Opera School since the reign of Louis XIV, its artists are respected civil servants, engaged for life (they draw a pension at 42), and who enjoy a status akin to the diplomatic. However, as the country has fallen under the Micronian axe – McKinsey, Blackrock, and related US and UK defence-industry fronts – the entire public sector has been taken down. Over the past decade, the Paris Opera has seen its subsidies slashed, and is now wont to courting private-sector funds in ever-more undignified ways.

Despite attempts by various municipal councilors to block AIRBnB, the Silicon Valley slicksters have succeeded in voiding Paris of all affordable housing, and will henceforth offer tourists a chance at sleeping in a Paris Opera balcony at night.

The “best” is yet to come.

On Sotheby’s Auctioneer’s, there suddenly appeared this month a photograph of principal dancer Hugo Marchand, in what some might think a suggestive pose, with the heading “Inside the skin of a principal dancer” (sic). In pidgin English, Sotheby’s text goes on: “Follow Hugo Marchand, Étoile dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, for a day. From the morning dance class to the show, from backstage to the preparation in the dressing room, you will live an unforgettable day in the daily life of an Étoile, and leave with a pair of signed ballet slippers. Experience valid for two people. Bidding starts at 20,000-30,000 Euro.”

And here we have principal dancer Germain Louvet, also being flogged, though for less (kept his shirt on?).

Despite much protest, the auction, set up by l’Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Opéra de Paris (AROP) went forward, flogging a day with Gustavo Dudamel, and the baritone Ludovic Teizier as well, plus (taxpayer funded) costumes. Total : 1.6 million Euro.

One wonders how much Commission Sotheby’s siphoned off for ridiculing public life in this way.

Meanwhile, out on the streets, on February 2nd, in the latest of an interminable list of splendid Ministerial buildings and taxpayer-funded property tossed to private sharks, a French Website reports that the Minister for Universities and Research has ordered the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) to sell to two private property developers, Vinci and Kaufmann & Broad, an exceptional ensemble known as the Pavillon Bellevue, built in 1843 and home to the celebrated dancer Isadora Duncan between 1913 and 1927.

As it happens, the site is now the National Institute for Sciences of the Universe headquarters, and holds advanced materiel and equipment including machine-tools that weigh several tons. Not basket-weaving courses, in other words. As the developers are being offered the site at well under market rate, the CNRS’ Director rejected the deal, in reaction to which the Ministry has issued the CNRS with an expulsion order, effective 15th March.

An amusing meme is now doing the rounds : it shews President Putin on the phone, ringing Micron: “I shall destroy France,” he bellows down the phone. “Don’t bother, man,” replies Micron, “I have dealt with it.”

Moufid Azmaïesh writes from France.