The Anti-Globalist World Alliance And Its Manifestos

Recently, an important step was taken to work diligently to free ourselves from globalist control. To that end, the Anti-Globalist World Alliance (AWA) was formed over Christmas of 2021.

The aims of AWA are certainly worthy of support. It has set out to be a policy think-tank, educational center and training facility which will nurture future anti-globalist leaders, politicians, writers and thinkers. There has never before been a body entirely dedicated to systematically winning back our world from the agendas and mandates of the globalist elite. The time for the “great replacement” of these elites and their agendas certainly has come.

The founder of AWA, Peter Redpath, kindly explains what this Alliance is all about and what it hopes to achieve. Please support AWA, go to their website, download the Manifestos, sign on, and spread the word!

No matter what a person’s political persuasion might be, over the past couple of year, it has become perfectly obvious that the contemporary world has become increasingly subjected to arbitrary totalitarian political and health mandates that have flown in the face of ordinary common sense and of the exercise of traditional Western and global civil liberties and natural human rights. As our Manifesto explains,

“Given the continual growth and expansion of arbitrary totalitarian political mandates made under the guise of universal healthcare and welfare, on Christmas Day 2021, leading intellectuals and shapers of public opinion from different professions in the US, Canada, and abroad met online to affix their signatures to a historic Global Renaissance Manifesto. They did so to mark the temporal starting point, on an international scale, of a contemporary commonsense cultural rebirth, analogous to several historical renaissances that have previously existed within the West (such as the 8th-9th century Carolingian Renaissance and the 14th-century Italian Renaissance).”

The signatories of this Christmas 2021 Manifesto agreed that, chiefly through the flawed educational principles of the Western Enlightenment (which rejected millennia of common sense truths about the nature of the human person, the human soul, philosophy, science, metaphysics, ethics, religion, and God) and the colleges and universities they built—which tended to reduce the whole of truth to positivistic science (mathematical physics and its principles)—the contemporary world had reached such an extreme of cultural lack of common sense that a need existed to issue a historic Renaissance Manifesto and to establish an Anti-Globalist World Alliance to inaugurate a World Cultural Common sense Renaissance.

Many contemporary intellectuals suffer from a misguided conviction that, because it celebrated itself as an “Age of Reason”—a period of time that brought to the forefront of popular consciousness individual human learning, science, progress, and human rights—Enlightenment intellectuals and the educational institutions they had built had lifted the West out of some fictional intellectual dark age that these thinkers had pejoratively referred to as of “the Middle Ages.” For the first time in human history, Enlightenment principles, they falsely claimed, had discovered the nature of true science upon which true human learning, philosophy, progress, human rights, economics, politics, and the triumph of human freedom over backward religion could finally be established.

While Enlightenment principles did advance Western and global culture technologically, and while Enlightenment political thinkers did articulate some political and economic principles that advanced political and economic science to some extent, their intentional divorce of science from wisdom and prudence constituted the actions of a fool. The globalist elites have used this foolishness to convince all of us to agree to walk into their prisons, “for our own good.” They continually try to convince us that their agendas and plans are “progressive” and therefore desirable. And those that disagree are labeled as “science deniers,” “racists,” and so on. As recent events have shown us, nothing could be further from the truth. None of us expected a pandemic to be a political opportunity for the elites.

What we need instead is a Renaissance of freedom, which can only come about when we stop accepting elitist models of governance and collective/social morality. This can only be done when we free ourselves from the mental prisons into which we have been cast by those who continually sell us narratives about “freedom” and “progress”—while their “science” is an anodyne, a lullaby even to put us to sleep—and while we slept, we were enslaved, and cast into a true “dark age.”

A Renaissance is an awakening—and therefore the Anti-Globalist World Alliance will nurture and further anti-globalist thought, anti-globalist culture, and anti-globalist politics.

Join us—and regain your true human right—your freedom!