The New Wars of Religion

The West’s got religion—and its hell-bent on spreading it all over the planet. And it won’t quit pulpiteering, with bombs and simoleons if need be, until every knee shall bow.

There was a telling document penned by Jamie Raskin (member of Congress), which received notoriety by being rather accurately summarized by Tucker Carlson: “Russia is an orthodox Christian country with traditional social values and for that reason it must be destroyed no matter what the cost to us. So, this is not a conventional war, this is a Jihad. Jamie Raskin said that out loud but many in Washington agree with him.”

To be clear, these are Mr. Carlson’s words, not Mr. Raskin’s—but what Mr. Raskin actually writes is far worse, for it is the blueprint of the new “Wars of Religion” that the West is now engaged in. What is happening in the Ukraine is merely the “holy ire” of the “united West” which cannot abide resistance to its new faith, a faith which Mr. Raskin clearly outlines. In fact, Mr. Raskin’s “blueprint,” penned October 25, 2022, is also a good description of the fight now raging inside the West itself, between those that identify as “progressive” and those who refuse to accept this new faith, which is ultimately anti-human at its core.

First, Mr. Raskin draws upon his vast reserve of historical knowledge, to give us the “rationale” for the war in the Ukraine (i.e., its necessity), which is just one theater (among many) in the larger “wars of religion”:

“In the eight months since Russia began its atrocity-filled and illegal war of aggression against the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have given Americans not just the chance to defend the values of national sovereignty, democracy and pluralism but also great hope for the world’s future. Had Ukrainians been quickly defeated by Putin’s army, as so many people expected, had Volodymyr Zelensky fled the country, as so many people expected, then a dangerous tyranny would have destroyed a nascent democracy, and prospects for democratic causes everywhere in the world would have darkened. Large countries would have felt emboldened to attack small countries everywhere.”

Truth, like water, always finds a way out: “Large countries would have felt emboldened to attack small countries everywhere”—says a congressman of a country which has long been “emboldened” to destroy various “small countries” in the noble effort to spread “democratic causes,” and euphemistically known as “United States Military Operations”—or USMOs. Remember, Iraq, where the US deemed killing 500,000 children a good price to pay for “democracy?” And let’s not forget that Mr. Raskin’s country is the only one that has actually used atomic weapons—twice. Self-awareness is always in short supply, it would seem. But look over there, in the Ukraine, “a dangerous tyranny” would have “destroyed a nascent democracy” were it not for the indignation of the self-righteous. We’ll not bother reminding Mr. Raskin of the bloody catalogue of crimes committed by this “nascent democracy,” and it’s Banderites in charge, and their “heroic” army.

Then, things really get interesting, as Mr. Raskin discovers his talent for writing purple prose:

“But today there is hope because of the strength of President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people, and the cause of democracy and freedom in Ukraine is the cause of the democratic world. We should unite around this just struggle and stay focused on it.”

“Democracy” and “freedom” are such delightful words—because you can fling them about to your heart’s content, with nary a worry about having to explain what they actually mean. They also have such a “ring” of “morality” to them, so important in a West entirely emptied of any notion of right and wrong. It is really a curious thing—everyone loves talking moral, without actually having to be moral—it’s enough just to declare that we all need to belong to the “democratic world,” in which if you say the wrong things, you will be destroyed (just ask the January Sixers, or the Trucker Protestors in Canada, those opposing the Covid tyranny, or those expressing “alternative” views on social media, labeled as “disinformation,” or “hate-speech”). In Mr. Raskin’s democracy, only his side “owns” the truth, and “love.”

Leaving aside the various egregious assumptions passed off as “facts” by Mr. Raskin, let us instead observe him in full flight:

“It is a bad colonial habit to suppose that ultimately peace depends upon the wishes of the great powers and the great powers alone, and even progressive and liberal people can fall into this colonialist reflex.”

Without dragging in irony, we can safely assume that Mr. Raskin is a confirmed and dedicated American isolationist who champions neutrality and non-interventionism, and strongly fights any and all “colonialist reflex,” especially of the US of A. And here we all thought “peace” meant keeping America happy, or you’ll get the crap bombed out of you, courtesy of “shock and awe,” and then have your population that survives starve to death via endless sanctions. Yes, “a bad colonial habit” can be terrible “reflex.”

But not so fast. What Mr. Raskin really wants to say is that the “democratic” world order needs constant vigilance, where arms and billions can be shipped off wherever “democracy” is in utter peril (of course, this does not include places like Saudi Arabia—only places that Mr. Raskin says are in “peril,” are in fact in peril. That’s just progressive “commonsense”).

And there’s always more:

“Ukraine’s struggle embodies a democratic future. Its civilian and military leadership is young and diverse, representing a post-Soviet generation that has learned to treasure freedom and value democracy. Its president, who is Jewish and thus belongs to a small national minority, was elected with 73% of the population, and now has even higher levels of support, thanks to his extraordinary wartime leadership. Thousands of Ukrainian women are fighting on the front, and a woman serves as deputy minister of defense. Sexual minorities are represented within the Ukrainian armed forces. Ukrainians soldiers routinely speak two languages. Ukraine has displayed a striking degree of toleration and decency during a war.

“The Ukrainians also inspire democratic forces all over the world with their example of civil society. This war is fought and won on the Ukrainian side with the help of countless civilians, organized informally into small horizontal groups, who fill the gaps in logistics. An emblematic image of this war is of the vans driven to the front by civilians to supply soldiers. Where conscripted Russians destroy Ukrainian homes, neighbors come to help. Another common image of this war is the partially repaired house: in the regions from which Russia has been forced to retreat, Ukrainians do what they can to rebuild their neighbors’ homes.”

I guess no one bothered to tell Mr. Raskin about the Maidan coup that his country micromanaged—to defeat a duly elected (democratically, but never mind) president, and bring in a reign of neo-Nazis. Cue the Banderites, as “freedom fighters.” This can all be put down as the usual blather about “democracy” and “freedom” and how we have to help Ukraine (and no one else. Sorry, Yemen. Apologies, Armenia. Only Ukraine can now mean “democracy,” and no place else). Come to the Dark Side.

As for the current Ukrainian leader, one Mr. Zelensky, whose native language is Russian and who had to learn Ukrainian for the job, and who was always seen as “pro-Russian” earlier, there is the easy assumption that he’s “Jewish,” even though he and his wife have had their children baptized in the Orthodox Church, and he is assumed by many in the know to have converted a long time ago. He did give a rather Christian cri dec coeur at Easter:

But facts should never get in the way of a narrative, especially when “democracy” is at stake. How else can you spread “democracy” if not by the fear of some “weapon of mass destruction.” Quick question, Mr. Raskin—name one country that is now better off for having American “democracy” spread all over it, courtesy of a USMO? The old adage of leaving a place better than when you found it somehow doesn’t trip off the tongue.

But what Mr. Raskin writes next reveals the real reason why Russia is hated so much by the West, and why everything must be done to destroy it, lest it become an example of hope to those in the West who happen to disagree with Mr. Raskin’s vision of a “brave new world”:

“Moscow right now is a hub of corrupt tyranny, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies and disinformation, and planning for war crimes.”

Let’s unpack this a little more closely.

First, Mr. Raskin lays out the litany of “sins” that are unforgiveable in a “democratic” and “peace-loving” place like the US of A. And here you thought he was actually talking about Washington. Shame on you! Pay attention. It’s “Moscow,” that “hub” of evil, with its Orcs threating to swallow up the world, one “Ukraine” at a time. WMD redux.

But who exactly is “planning for war crimes?” Moscow? That would be interesting, given what the Banderites of the Ukraine have accomplished quite a lot in that department. But it’s more likely that grammar has gotten the better of Mr. Raskin and he means that the US of A is planning to hold Nuremberg 2.0, or 3.0, with Russia now in the role of the “Nazis.” So much for analogy.

And what is the nature of these Orcs? What makes them so, so evil? These words should give everyone pause: “[Moscow] is a world center of antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans hatred, as well as the homeland of replacement theory for export. In supporting Ukraine, we are opposing these fascist views, and supporting the urgent principles of democratic pluralism.”

In the West, being “antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans” is now a casus belli. Denial is the worst crime imaginable in “democratic pluralism.” No war can be juster than that fought by the utterly self-righteous against such “hate=mongers.” Mr. Raskin is happy to unloose the floodgates of his country’s vast cash reserves to win—and no matter how many Ukrainians have to die. It will all be worth it. Just ask Iraq, Libya, Somalia where death and misery is worth the promise of “democracy.”

If you didn’t notice, there is also a serious problem with logic here, which Mr. Raskin, like his grammar, cannot seem to manage. If he is for “feminism” then this means that he has a very clear and precise understanding of what a “woman” is. But at the same time, he is pro-trans, which means that he cannot clearly define what a woman is. Being pro-trans means that he therefore a misogynist because he believes that men make better women, and women cannot really be “women,” because men can also be “women.” And therefore there are no “women,” and hence “feminism,” because that would mean that men would have to be told that they are not “women.” And that is pure “evil,” to have to tell a man that. The crucial tenet of this new religion is to pretend that fantasy is reality, and mollycoddle everyone along, and throw the full weight of the state at anyone who disagrees. And now the US of A will also go to war to make sure you take its fantasy du jour as reality.

But things get worse. To be trans also means that it is very difficult to be “gay,” having deleted “unsuitable anatomical parts.” Which means that by advocating the trans, Mr. Raskin is by necessity also homophobic, because he is denying that “man” exists. If there are no “men,” then there cannot be gayness. And for the gay to become trans would require serious surgery. Suddenly, Mr. Raskin is trapped by his own “democracy.” Hence the bombs… which Hollywood film worth its salt does not solve problems with a gun—that is why guns must be banned. But more guns for the Ukrainians.

And just like “democracy” and “freedom”—“fascism” is such a handy shibboleth, tactically mentioned to rouse maximum outrage. What, “Moscow” is “fascist!?” Bombs and billions of greenbacks! Never mind that it was the Soviets who actually defeated the real Nazis, while America has been happily subsidizing real Nazis.

But, wait, what the heck is “democratic pluralism?” And what exactly are it’s “urgent principles?” More grammar difficulties, one would have to imagine, since democracy is not about plurality, but about a people united as one. The vox populi. Not a cacophony of misfits (mob-rule). So, does this mean that Mr. Raskin does not like democracy because he wants “pluralism.” Does this mean that he is therefore also a “fascist?” Good thing his party wants to ban guns.

And a word about that strange accusation that “Moscow” is the “homeland of replacement theory for export.” But wait, didn’t Mr. Schumer, just endorse this “theory?” Does this mean that Mr. Schumer is actually part of Moscow’s “hub” since he endorses the “replacement theory?” Having to go and fight Russia via Ukraine suddenly got complicated, especially since one of the reasons for the war, outlined by Mr. Raskin, is also now being espoused by a fellow American who just happens to belong to the same political party as Mr. Raskin. Talk about a Fifth Column!

But back to “Moscow.” People like Mr. Raskin have assumed the mantle of the self-righteous, which is typical of the unrighteous:

“Ukrainians today give the democratic world a chance for a critical and historic victory, and we must rally to their side. It is important to be on the right side of a just war, and it is even more important to be on the right side and win.”

“A critical and historic victory”—because “Moscow” stands in the way of a trans-world? Of a world filled with pride parades? Of a world ruled by the rage of childless harridans? Of a commodified humanity that needs to be shipped around wherever there is a drop in the birth-rate? How curious that these are the only “reasons” that Mr. Raskin can firmly grasp as “facts” to orchestrate the US of A “to be on the right side of a just war.” But a just war for whom? It’s fine and dandy to flick off rhetoric with one’s finger—but exactly which people will have to die in order to make sure that the new religion of the self-righteous wins the world?

The fact is, in the West itself, there are huge segments of the population who defy this “democratic pluralism,” whom Mr. Raskin calls “fascists,” whom his party seeks to silence with endless lawfare, and whom it wants to silence. “Democratic pluralism” to succeed cannot have dissent and disagreement. That is what the West is now showing to the rest of the world.

In other words, there are millions who feel they now have more in common with the human values embodied by Russia than the inhuman (trans-human) “values” that Mr. Raskin is trying to sell as “democracy” and “freedom.”

The veil has lifted, and we will not be joining Mr. Raskin and his various self-righteous cronies in this fight. If he wants to see the world as foe-and friend, then we the people will first have to decide who is really our friend and who really our foe. Only then will we enter into what he calls “a just war.” Our allegiance is no longer a given. That is what true freedom and democracy is all about. We will not be fighting his “wars of religion.” People of his ilk, the political class, have not yet gotten this message. But get it they will. It’s only a matter of time. Realty always wins over fantasy.

Untold millions of us in the West are Christian. We hold traditional values. We do not want our children neutered, sexualized, or brutalized for the sake of your ideologies. We defy all your many anti-human agendas constructed around warped sex and pleasure. We want more family. We love the innocent laughter of little kids, the delight of happy wives. We want more community. We want more roots. We want nations and borders. We will never become rootless, lonely, “useless eaters,” inhabiting your “democracy,” your “pluralism,” your “world order.”

We will indeed fight a just war if and when it comes—and while the political elite are busy spreading “democratic pluralism,” via Pronoun Seminars backed up by bombs and big bucks. We’ll see who wins in the end. And here’s a question—when was the last time that the US of A actually won a war?

But it is true that with their billions, “rulers,” the political elite have the capacity to do great harm. That will be what we the people will have to suffer through until we are free of the deadly fantasies of politicians.

Aristarch writes whenever something catches his eye and the Muse grabs him by the throat.

Featured: “Stupid War,” by Agim Sulaj; painted in 2019.