The Planetary Meta-War

It is pointless wasting energy in countering the delusional arguments of those on the side of the “Ukrainian cause,” arguments brought forth either by blatantly disturbed agitators conditioned by aberrant ideological contortions, or by individuals intoxicated by Atlanticist propaganda, wallowing in utter ignorance—both the one and the other react hysterically with frothing at the mouth by insulting, monstrifying and distorting the reality of the facts. Let them be left alone and be consumed in their nefarious boiling sewage, and let us try to maintain cool detachment from their performances.

Instead, we need to make an effort to clarify, with objective data, the evolution of the “planetary meta-war,” in which, what is happening in Ukraine is to be considered one battle; and, taking it to an extreme, as were the First World War and the Second World War, which are also to be considered vast battles, if we consider the fact that they had their fundamental epicenter in the European perimeter; and, above all, they were “stages” for the creation of a precise world order whose overall design is highlighted by what was imposed in the Treaty of Versailles (1919). It matters little whether the project was clear and defined in detail from the beginning; and one must go all the way back to the French Revolution to trace its seeds (conspiracy thesis); or whether the project was implemented (developed) as it went along.

The fact remains that World War I laid the foundation for World War II and allowed the U.S. to plant its evil roots in Europe. The Second World War set the stage for subsequent battles, up to the one that currently has its epicenter in Ukraine. Obviously, this key to interpretation needs to be well expounded and supported with appropriate explanation. But this is not the appropriate venue for that—it would necessitate writing miles long. I will therefore limit myself to laying out a couple of concise explanatory points.

The realization of the World Order, variously conceived by the US, has the need to disintegrate Russia, regardless of the political system that governs it. The question is not who rules Russia, whether the Czar, the communist Stalin, the semi-liberal Putin or even Mickey Mouse. The question is Russia as such, because its existence as a state entity that possesses vast primary materials is an obstacle to the realization of the unipolar World Order. Since February 24, 2022, there has been a focus on highlighting what the Atlanticists have done in Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., giving the idea that the current phase was triggered with the implosion of the USSR. But if one wants to support the above thesis, one has to take a few steps backwards, going far beyond the imperialist greed that was manifested in 1990. The first step takes us back to the second half of the 1940s, early 1950s.

By 1949, the Second World War had been over for just four years and had cost Russia, allied with the US against Germany, 20 million dead and massive devastation. Without Russia, the Anglo-Americans would have had little chance of winning, at least not until 1945, when they could rely on the atomic bomb, later deployed in Japan, and thus desertify Europe. In that year, on December 3, 1949, the US devised a plan to settle accounts with what had been its ally. This was the “Trojan Plan” to invade the Soviet Union, together with its British ally.

The plan called for dropping 300 atomic bombs and 20,000 ordinary bombs on 100 cities in the USSR. Thus, 6,000 sorties were planned. The invasion was scheduled to begin on January 1, 1950, but was later postponed to January 1, 1957, along with all NATO countries. NATO was founded in April 1949, but needed to be broken in and well-organized to become operational.

The US felt it was better for the operation to be NATO-tagged rather than just the US—this was the reason for the postponement of the operation.

In 1952, U.S. President Harry Truman said, “We will remove from the face of the earth all ports and cities that must be destroyed to achieve our objectives.” Do I really need to specify what their goals were and are?

The reason why the plan did not take shape is simple. In the early 1950s, Russia itself had become an atomic power capable of striking U.S. territory with its missiles. Waiting for the return to a “hot war,” opened the era of the “Cold War” that ended in 1990, with the advent of the “lukewarm war,” only to appear today as the “Ukrainian war,” which has the prospect of becoming the “superheated war.”

As things stand, the US has achieved its first goal—devastation of Europe, anchored in the Ukrainian whirlpool that is gradually engulfing it. The second, disintegration of Russia, is the tantalizing prospect.

Then it is not a matter of “standing with Russia” because it is irrationally pro-Russian. We can digress here about what Russia is and digress about the concepts of civilization and political systems. But the main point is how to position ourselves as Europeans, then escape from the abyss toward which the US is pushing Europe. And to do this, it is imperative to side with the Russian Federation against the Atlanticist deployment engaged in Ukraine where, first of all, a civil war is going on between the Westernized western part and the eastern part that does not accept Westernization. The civil war is an internal affair in Ukraine—the masked positioning of NATO with all its support is a matter for us Europeans, us Italians. The disintegration of the Russians irretrievably puts a tombstone on Europe, leaving us at the mercy of the EU which is the US puppet. All this is what needs to be clear and opposed to the Atlanticist yokels whatever ideological clothes they fit.

All this should lead us to say that it is not peace or truce in Ukraine that will solve the issue. Peace and truce only serve to allow Atlanticism to regroup. Once and for all the “Great Conflict,” the “Great Planetary War” must be resolved with a victor and a vanquished. And if as Europeans and Italians we have to be among the vanquished we will get over it, well knowing that anyway, sooner or later, the whole system will implode—maybe in a century; because this prevailing system is inhuman and humans cannot handle it: either disintegrate it or disappear. And in the meantime, each in his own trench of competence, we continue to fight, so that, as far as weapons are concerned, the Italian ones, those of the true Italian nationalists, at least the idea passes that they should be given to the Eastern front. The Ukrainian vortex must be closed.

Having clarified this then we can deal with all the other topics starting with the theoretical one of multipolarism to be opposed to unipolarism, of the opposition between conceptions of Civilization and political systems to end on the terrains of economics, finance, liberalism, geo-energy and whatnot. First of all to survive the will to annihilate the US system.

Maurizio Murelli writes from Italy. This article appears curtesy of Ideeazione.

Featured: Granateneinschlag (Shell Impact) in the Somme, 1918, by Fritz Fuhrken. An aquaelle painted in English captivity at Camp Colsterdale, Yorkshire 1919.