The Principles of Victory and Justice

Absolutely necessary changes are urgently needed in our society. Only they can lead us to Victory. And without Victory, there will be no Russia. Everyone understands this today. To save the people and the state, we must change. And radically and urgently.

Our society fatally lacks justice. Let us give a clear answer—what is justice and how to achieve it.

The Russian Idea

We need a patriotic ideology that is clear and accessible to everyone. The whole society must distinctly understand who we are as a people, where we came from and where we are going. Stop being afraid of being Russian. We should be proud of the fact that we are Russian. Love for the Motherland should not be a thing of shame. We must raise the Russian Idea to the top of the pedestal and put it in the center of politics, culture, industry—in the center of social existence.

On the basis of the Russian Idea the educational, social, cultural policy, upbringing, code of conduct of all strata of society, should be built, starting with the top leadership of the country.

There is no higher value than to give your life in the name of the homeland. There is no more terrible sin and more heinous crime than the betrayal of the Motherland, Russia.

The Russian Idea must completely replace the egoistic and, in fact, Russophobic liberalism imported from the West, which is subversive to our value system. It must be done away with once and for all. It automatically leads to atomization, alienation and destruction of national unity. Moreover, under the slogan of “freedom,” liberals generate new models of enslavement and universal control. This is the culture of abolition.

Either we immediately, with the whole world—from officials to ordinary citizens—swear an oath to the Russian Idea, or a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced awaits us.


By turning away from God, humanity has abandoned itself. The modern West demonstrates it with all frankness. Faith is defeated; there are no shrines left. But it is with this that we are in mortal conflict. Atheistic materialistic civilization is fighting against us, perfectly aware that Russia, even in its current weakened and diminished form, remains the last island of traditional society, a stronghold of spiritual values and, indeed, Faith, which could not be uprooted from our people during the last century by various political ideologies—from communism to liberalism. The Russian person remains a person of faith, even if he does not yet fully realize it.

But God is not in the church hierarchy, not in an institution. He is in Faith, in tradition, in church sacraments. And the Church is not a room; it is our heart, given in the rite of Holy Baptism to the bright and good Godhead, who in turn gave His life for our salvation. Religion is a gift for the Gift. And if there is a Gift, there is also the One who gives.

God is the foundation of everything, the beginning and the end. He creates the world, and He also brings judgment upon it at its end. If man turns away from God, God may also turn away from him. And then nothing can save us. And we are standing on the edge of the abyss. It is not without reason that the threatening words “Apocalypse,” “Armageddon,” etc. are heard more and more often.

Enough of half-measures. Russians must return to their heavenly Father. After all, we are waging His war, in His name and for His glory.

Either we immediately return to our Mother Church, or a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced awaits us.


The most just and harmonious type of political government is the Empire. A significant part of our history we lived in the Empire, and it was to the Russian tsars that the imperial crown passed from Byzantium. Empire is more than just a state, it is a great power endowed with a sacred mission. An empire does not simply rule vast territories and numerous peoples. Empire leads mankind to the highest destination, to salvation and unity.

Russia as an Empire includes different peoples, cultures and confessions, while the Russians, the Orthodox, were and remain its core. This does not mean that other peoples are subordinated. The empire opens the way to rule to all those who have proven by deeds, feats, skills and loyalty that they are its worthy son.

Liberal democracy, imposed on us by the West, is disastrous for the country, as it atomizes society, smashes it, undermines solidarity and unity.

We need an Empire that will ensure social justice. A people’s empire, free from the omnipotence of oligarchs and upstarts profiting from the people’s misery. Maybe there have never been such ideal empires in history. So, let’s build one! Empire is not about the past, but about the future.

Only an open appeal to the Empire and its heritage will give us the ultimate right to fight and win the war we are waging. No petty aggressive nationalism can stand up to imperial might. Moreover, for those in Ukraine who have not yet completely lost their minds, a place in the Empire and loyalty to the Empire can be a serious reason to come over to our side.

Otherwise, it may seem that two liberal-democratic states are at war with each other. And both of them consider themselves part of the Western world and seek to integrate there as soon as possible, choosing different paths and road maps. This devalues the heroic deeds of our heroes and deprives war of its sacred dimension. In war, the strongest wins not just in technology and material strength, but the one whose ideal is larger, higher. After all, ideas are power. And there is no idea more powerful than that of Empire.

Either we immediately begin to build the Empire, or we will face a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced.

Stop the Extinction of the Russian People

We are dying out. There are fewer and fewer Russians every year. If we do not immediately reverse this catastrophic trend, we as a people will disappear from the face of the earth in this century or turn into a tiny minority. How do we save the nation?

Immediately restore traditional values—spirit, morality, strong family—as indispensable. Only traditional societies can boast of population growth. The more extensive modernization and deeper liberalism, the fewer people. Therefore, all those tendencies that go against Tradition, spiritual Russian religious culture, should be legislatively prohibited.

The practice of replacing disappearing Russians with imported migrants—with an alien identity and in no way intending to become part of our people—is criminal and must be stopped immediately.

It is an irrefutable sociological and statistical fact that demographic decline and degeneration always occurs in modern cities and in all countries and civilizations. Big cities are killers of strong families with many children, a source of moral impurity, depravity and perversion. It is urgent to start unbundling megacities, to provide all Russians with land and the opportunity to live on it, to take care of loved ones and to have an inalienable inheritance—a family nest.

It is necessary to finally give the Russian people land. At different stages of our history, one or another force put forward this just slogan, but every time Russians were ever deceived—landlords, and Bolsheviks, and the liberals of the 1990s. Only the land that gives birth to bread, the breadwinner, is able to give an impetus to the surge in the birth rate.

Either we will immediately reverse the demographic situation, or we will face a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced.

Ban Usury

High credit rates and full dependence of the Russian economy on the embeddedness in the system of world financial capitalism lead to super-rich financial elite and impossibility to get out of poverty for the main population. The financial oligarchy, which has enslaved almost the entire Russian society with loans, profits from charging high bank interest rates and mortgages.

This system must be radically restructured. Instead of commercial credit, it is necessary to switch to social credit—with zero or even negative interest rates, which will dramatically increase the total wealth of the people, expressed in built houses, created goods, established production, and not in abstract macroeconomic indicators.

The state should fairly distribute financial opportunities among the entire population, putting an end to the omnipotence of oligarchy and corrupt officialdom.

This economic, in fact, colonial model was formed in Russia in the 1990s, and today it prevents the harmonious and progressive development of the country’s creative potential. And it is huge and only artificially restrained by the monetarist policy of the authorities.

Either we immediately change the economic vector from liberal-oligarchic and monetarist to a socially oriented one, or we will face a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced.

Winning the War with the West

In Ukraine, we are engaged in a fierce war, not so much with the neo-Nazi and Russophobic regime in Kiev, but with the collective West. This is not just a regional conflict or the resolution of contentious issues in geopolitics, economics and military strategy. This is a war of civilizations. The modern West has thrown off its masks and openly appears in its true form—it has long ago declared war on God, the Church, and the political and cultural foundations of traditional society, and today it directly challenges man himself. Modern Western civilization destroys families, legalizes and even aggressively imposes perversions, sex changes, transgender operations, and even children become victims.

Environmental extremists demand to save the planet from humans. The pioneers of genetic engineering are already conducting experiments on crossing people with machines, with other animal species, experimenting with the genome, promising to give human organisms eternity or its semblance (in the form of memory and feelings stored on servers). Intrusion into the mystery of carrying a fetus threatens a new segregation, because a project has already been launched to breed a superior race, whose genotype will be artificially corrected and maximally improved.

The war with the West in Ukraine is a battle of the civilization of people, which is represented by Russia; in fact, leading the present confrontation of the world majority against the hegemony of the West, with a civilization that is on the path of destruction or irreversible mutation of man. Such a civilization is satanic.

To win the victory in this war of civilizations, it is necessary to awaken our entire society, to convey to every member of it—down to the children—the meaning, goals and objectives of this great and sacred people’s war. It is not just the defense of the homeland, it is a war for justice, which we are waging not for life, but for death. And since we stand on the side of Light, society must be purified, ennobled and elevated. Victory in such a decisive battle for all human history is a pledge of preservation of man as a species. Again, Russians have taken upon themselves the mission to save the world. And today everything depends on us.

In such a situation, we are obliged to convey the poignant truth about the meaning of this war to each and every one of us.

It was criminal to leave unchanged the entertainment culture that had developed over the past 30 years, based on vulgarity, cynicism, ridicule of everything high and pure, imitation of all the most repulsive aspects of the West. Moreover, many cultural figures have shown their traitorous guts in the conditions of the Special Military Operation, directly defecting to the side of Russia’s enemies. The shouting of demoniac jesters, blasphemers and perverts undermines faith in our victory, causes indignation of the heroes of the front and those who have already deeply realized how high the stakes are in the conflict of civilizations.

We need a completely different culture that meets the challenges of wartime. The existing culture is no culture at all. Not only must we not let back the traitors who have come to their senses, but we must also remove those who have stayed behind, retaining their style, their snobbery, their almost undisguised contempt for the Russian people and their ideals, their guidelines, their moral nature.

Either we immediately rebuild our entire society on a military basis, or we are in for a catastrophe even worse than the one we have recently faced.

Alexander Dugin is a widely-known and influential Russian philosopher. His most famous work is The Fourth Political Theory (a book banned by major book retailers), in which he proposes a new polity, one that transcends liberal democracy, Marxism and fascism. He has also introduced and developed the idea of Eurasianism, rooted in traditionalism. This article appears through the kind courtesy of Geopolitica.

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