True Westerners Aren’t Racists

The soul of the West is Christianity – an ideology that is incompatible with racism.

The term racism is like a coin that is so worn down by “the Left” that it has lost its face and become shear metal. But what does it mean?

A racist is someone who believes that a human being’s ideology and behavior is derived primarily from the genetic code of that human being. This idea isn’t that bad, but the racist adds a dangerous corollary.

The racist believes that the natures of human beings are or so radically diverse that they are irreconcilable – i.e. “They, and their children, are so fundamentally different from us that they will never be reconciled with the blood of ‘our’ people.”

This is the true racist.

From this Pandora’s box, we get Nazism, KKK, and every other form of extended tribalism.

Then the question is raised “Who among us is the superior race?” – suddenly everyone raises their hand, and pride goeth before the fall.

Racism, like all ideologies of hate, requires the participation of the oppressed as well as their oppressors.

Enslavement ensues, and chained limbs lead to shackled minds as the subjugated dance to the tune of their oppressors.

They too begin to adopt the devilish maxim “They, and their children, are so fundamentally different from us that they will never be reconciled with the blood of ‘our’ people.”

The only sight worse than a soul haunted by hatred is a soul who has hopes in hatred.

The same stones that laid the foundations of suppression are cast back by the ruins of former slaves.

These practices are incompatible with the belief that love conquers all.

There has been increasing talk about “Western civilization” and what it means to be a “European,” but does anybody even know what that means?

What is it that differentiates the Western world? What is so unique about European civilization?

Here’s a hint – it wasn’t racism. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

What is the West? Christianity is the hallmark of Western civilization, the ultimate climax of Hellenic and Judaic thought, and it is inherently anti-racist.

Racism isn’t new, and we have dealt with it before. The ancient world was fluid with movements. We have known for sometime that the people a few a villages over act quite differently then we do.

Racism goes hand in hand with Tribalism. A group of families makes a clan, and a group of clans make a tribe.

Tribalism is based on blood-rights, Nepotism, blood-feuds, and other racist practices.

The Hebrews moved away from this foolishness.

The Christians were reared in a tradition of honoring the blood of the Covenant over the water of the womb. They treated strangers kindly because Jews saw themselves as former strangers.

When Christ was with his disciples, he was told that his mother and brother were waiting for him outside. He responds with the claim that those who follow God are his mother and brothers.

Ever wonder why Christian call each other familial titles? Why do they say things like Brother John, Mother Teresa, Sister Margret, and Father Christopher?

There was a debate in the early Church whether Jews should allow Gentiles to become Christians.

At first Peter said “No” and Paul said “Yes.” Spoiler alert! Paul won.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male or female, for you are all one in Christ, Jesus.”

To the true Westerner, racism is heresy of the highest order.

But, this is not to say that we should all adopt a” multiculturalist” society where we all believe that no set of ideas is better or worse than any other set of ideas.

On the contrary, Westerners should reject bad cultural practices (like racism), but they shouldn’t fear others based on genetics (or else they become racists).

Nobody should care if the stranger changes the colour “your people’s” skin, but they should care if the stranger changes the colour of “your people’s” hearts.

So, when these morons “thinkers” preach that the only way to save European civilization is to spare its genome, they’ve already forsaken the European identity they sought to protect.

The genes that determine the color of our skin are a plastic aspect of our evolution. The genes that allow us to love (i.e. allow us to know God) are conserved, written in our hearts.

The photo shows, “In the Sunlight,” by Konstantin Makovsky, painted in the 1880s.