Ukraine: Part Two of the Great Reset

We indeed live in perilous times, when our politicians exuberantly want war, as if it were a grand adventure, as if it were a breath of excitement in the glut of their moneyed lives. None of them will ever march off and shoot a gun, nor will their children. They’ll tell us to do that. To them belongs the rhetoric of war. To us belongs the blood and misery, as we shoulder arms and go off to kill or be killed.

Given the war-hysteria, to speak of peace is now akin to treason. Peace is Russian propaganda.

Suddenly, the phrase “World War Three” is all the hoopla, repeated by both the doomsayers who await the “collapse of civilization” and those who can’t wait to see the destruction of arch-enemies like Russia. It is as if everyone imagines that, God-forbid, such a war actually does come about that they will be happily ensconced in front of their computers shooting out snappy comments below “important” articles, or on threads on social media.

One of the direst mental illusions that now pervades modern life is to forever live in world of make-belief, while those who refuse to go along are made to submit by force of law. Just try openly denying the transgendered their chosen sexual identity/preference, and you’ll see how “free” you are. Such has been the savage legacy of technology. It was supposed to be that everyone staring at a screen was liberated, democratized. Instead, the screen has turned into a cruel manacle, wherein humanity can only be understood through “virtual interaction,” where life must mirror online narratives.

Therefore, war is a video game, in which we can all participate. Thus, there is no end to “expertise,” as keyboard Clausewitzes declaim this strategy or that—just Google it

But why do our politicians want war? Is it about money, about feeding the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)? Is it about ego, or fulfilling some agenda that the rest of us can only guess at (aka, “conspiracy theories”)? The answers are legion and myriad.

But we are also seeing that massive change is afoot—and none of it is for the better. That which once constituted ordinary life has been relegated to the “crime” department, from the way we move about (the war on petroleum and personal ownership of cars), to where and how we live (the 15-Minute City) to what we eat (more bugs to reduce carbon emissions), and even what our money even now means (guaranteed income).

And the lie behind it all is a cruel joke—all this “change” is to make our lives better. “You’ll own nothing and be happy,” because ownership of any kind is a source of misery, and our politicians do not want us miserable. They want to free us up so we can truly pursue “life,” “liberty” and “happiness” to wherever it may lead us.

And this brings us back to the make-belief—that delusional habit that we’ve all developed by spending most of our waking hours staring at one screen or another, while the world is managed by others who know better. It’s no joke running a country, people like to say—yes, but why are more and more clowns running countries? So much for rhetorical questions.

It’s bread (guaranteed income) and circuses (more and more screen time). No one will complain. The purpose of life is to be pampered by the likes of Soros, Gates and Schwab.

We can all easily recall with what fervor politicians pushed the Covid scam that made the vaccines mandatory. “Sure,” they said, “you are free to refuse our vaccine, but we’ll make sure you’ll never board a plane or a train, and we’ll see that you get fired from your job for being unvaxed.” We all heard rants to this effect from those that ruled over us during the height of the scamdemic.

Then, Herr Schwab, told us that Covid was a great opportunity to bring about the Great Reset (as explained in his boring and really badly written book—who has the time or the inclination to give it a thorough scything).

Sadly, billions complied and got the vax, plus the various boosters—and now live in perpetual fear of “died suddenly.”

History shows us that after each war (no matter how small), there are always far-reaching social and economic changes.

Then, after Covid, along came February 24, 2022, when Ukraine, the most corrupt country on the continent of Europe, was suddenly given “hero” status. Western populations, battered by Covid hysteria, now were given something to be “proud” of, something to rally around. After the cudgel, the lollipop. And true to form, the screen-staring hordes dutifully waved the duo-colored Ukrainian flag.

To complete the theatrical effect, the president of Ukraine (a place that many still would be hard-pressed to locate on a map, were it not for Goggle on their phones) donned a “unform” of sorts to appear like a “real” freedom-fighter, because he’s the next Yassar Arafat or Fidel Castro. No doubt, Zelensky will keep wearing the costume until he “frees” his country from the Orcs (aka, the Russians). He’s the perfect meme of what we have become—followers (to borrow a phrase from “social” media).

Only make-belief is reality—only that which will get the most likes, the most clicks, the most retweets truly matters. Only make-belief can now be truth. Yes, men can have babies. The science is settled on that. Zelensky is hero. He’s wearing a hero-outfit. He’s good guy because he dresses like one.

Meanwhile, those whom we have let manage our lives are using the war in Ukraine (for “freedom” and “democracy”) as Part Two of the Great Reset (Part One, for those still not paying attention, was the politics of the Covid response).

Because all wars bring massive change, this one in Ukraine will touch each and everyone of us. In wars, there is the one constant—the “democracy” of suffering. And the suffering is piled in front of us: strange food shortages, unimaginable national debt, the constant demand on us to give up more and more of what we deem normal, the weaponization of minority groups against the majority Western populations, rigged elections, endless coercion to accept all kinds of perversions, the rapacity of criminals set free among us because their crimes are no longer crimes but expressions of their historical “oppression,” and this list can go on and on.

So, again, what is this war in Ukraine all about? The Great Reset. This is why politicians are in it, tooth and nail, and will fork over any amount of money, and will eventually send in troops (i.e., us, not them), and let’s not forget the nukes. Because the entire point of the West now is that it exists to tear everything down, in order to “build back better.” The important part of this sinister phrase is “build back.” You can only build back from destruction. There can be no building back from what already exists and is working fine. Why fix it if it ain’t broke, But breaking first everything is precisely the point—because afterwards comes the great salvation, the building back into a bright Utopia, the Great Reset, where people can be “farmed” for better management of natural resources.

Russia alone has said “No!” to the Great Reset. And that makes it the Great Villain, and this why the demons that now rule over are frothing in rage against it.

The war in Ukraine is Step Two towards our Great Enslavement.

This is why no Western politician currently holding office dare mention the word “peace”—because to say “peace” means that the Great Reset is useless and nothing needs building back. All of this is being done for you. Once Russia is destroyed, you will live a “better” life.

Are you ready to give it your all? Or, it is time to abandon our prodigality and come home to reality? It truly is all in our hands.

Thane Angus writes from a small northern Canadian town.

Featured: The Return of the Prodigal Son (Powrót syna marnotrawnego), by Jacek Malczewski; painted in 1923.