Why Israel Slaughters with Impunity

We all know now that Israel can do no wrong, for it is blessed with immunity for being the eternal victim. For Israel, Hitler is the gift that keeps on giving.

We all know that the USA is complicit in the crimes, rushing more and more PMGs to Israel so it will never run short in its precise bombing of important military targets, such as churches, hospitals, schools, mosques, universities, and ordinary homes and residential high-rises.

We all know that no matter how many UN “emergency” meetings are held to rein in Israel’s bloodlust, no matter how many resolutions voted on, the bombs will continue to fall, because Israel can kill as many Palestinians as it wants. There is no one to stop them.

No one seems to know, let alone care, that all the people of Gaza (2.2 million)—not just some—cannot get enough to eat each and every day, and mass starvation is happening right now.

The usual response among most people in the West is—both sides are the same (meaning, Israelis and Palestinians); they both lie and cheat and murder, it’s hard to know where the truth lies. We should worry about our own countries.

If that were true, then why is it that as of now there is only side that has had over 8,000 bombed to pieces? That has had killed nearly 30,000, and left 55,000 people injured? That has had the only place given them to live turned into a wasteland? Why is it that ordinary citizens of one side have been heavily armed with the latest weapons, while those of the other side buy what they can on the black market?

Why is it that one side is well-fed and will not be worrying about food and water, while the other side must starve it out?

How exactly are both sides the same? How is it that both sides lie, cheat and kill?

Then the argument is made that Palestine and Israel are so far away. Let them fight it out. I have other things to worry about.

If that were true, then what about February 2022, when the entire West went into a paroxysm of Russphobia (which still shows little signs of abating), and you couldn’t go to get some milk without being told to to help the poor Ukrainians who were bring “brutally invaded” by the “dictator” Putin, etc.

Why was Ukraine not so far away, then—but Palestine is now so far away? Why was it so easy to care for one side and hate the other in 2022, but now we must be neutral?

Where is the International Criminal Court, which could not issue an arrest warrant for President Putin fast enough, but which now can see no crimes being committed in Gaza by Netanyahu and his ilk?

Therefore, for many, who are told what to think, the razzia by Hamas on October 7th was an “unprovoked” terrorist attack, and everyone was told to “condemn Hamas.” Here was Israel, a sunny, happy land where the lion cannot help but lie down with the lamb and where live all those nice people closely related to stories in the Bible and who by default are all about peace and love. Then suddenly, on October 7th, for no reason whatsoever, the savages known as “Hamas” burst into this bit of paradise and went into a mad frenzy of murder and mayhem. The porn writers had a field day—and all their ghastly inventions are now piously and firmly believed and repeated.

What does it matter that of the 1100 or so (the exact number, for some reason, remains unclear) that died on October 7th, more than half were IDF who were killed in combat—and thus October 7 is a military defeat of Israel. What does it matter that much of the murder of civilians that day was done by the IDF in their attack helicopters and their tanks. What does it matter that the Israeli prisoners released by Hamas gave their captors high-fives and one even wrote a touching letter of thanks. Meanwhile, there are only horror stories of Palestinians who were in Israeli prisons, including Palestinian children. What does it matter that the IDF shot three of the hostages who had managed to escape from Hamas, thinking they were running to safety towards their own. If they had not escaped, they would still be alive today. What does it matter that IDF snipers can shoot any child they like.

All this raises a far more important problem that we must all deal with, for this problem is endemic to all Western societies, in which many of us live. And the problem is this in starkest terms: we are governed by a ruling mob (wrongly called “elite”) that operates according to its own “morality”—a “morality” that has nothing to do with that of their citizens. We can protest and shout and disapprove all we want, but their “morality” will suffer no compromise and will be implemented. They will continue to send bombs to Israel. They will continue to ignore the suffering and deaths of Palestinians. They will continue to see no crimes being committed by the IDF. They will bring no Israeli politicians to trial for crimes against humanity.

Here, it would be easy to wax conspiratorial. Suffice it to say that what we face are a bunch of powerbrokers who imagine International Relations to be the identification of the “villain;” our job is to play the lackeys and hate those we are told to hate (Hamas, Muslims, China, Iran and, of course, Russia), and we must coddle those that we are told to coddle (Ukrainians, Israelis). This sordid love-hate game is given the glittery wrapping of “civilization” vs. “barbarism”—for you see, it is highly civilized to give endless weapons to Netanyahu to slaughter Palestinians in their thousands. It is highly civilized to demand that Ukrainians die in the hundreds of thousands to keep us safe from Russian “barbarity.” Who finally wins in this game of love and hate?

Then, we are outraged when those that we are told to coddle face any sort of come-uppance—and we demand all-out savagery to defeat the “barbarians”—for it is justified to bomb an entire Palestinian refuge camp in order to kill one putative Hamas operative. There is nothing wrong with Zelensky sending child-soldiers and even pregnant women to die in the meat-grinder of war. It’s all money well spent.

Here, some will object that I am not pointing out the obvious: that it is Russia doing the killing. This objection holds little water, for Russia did not want this war; it had signed a good peace deal, which the warpig Boris Johnson quickly jettisoned to bring about a conflict to annihilate Russia (the very old pipe-dream of the West). War was forced upon Russia. And now Russia will finish this war on its own terms—no matter how many fantasies the West spins out about a “stalemate” and the next “Wunderwaffe.” Did we actually expect Russia to do nothing and just let the USA, NATO and their proxy (Ukraine) march all the way to Vladivostok? Russia also knows that any sort of ceasefire will only mean time for the West to rearm and have another go at Operation Barbarosa 3.0.

Likewise, Hamas did not act out of sheer barbarity on October 7th; rather, the attack of that day was a carefully planned and perfectly executed military operation—which was a response to the atrocities committed by Israel for so many years. Israel was defeated on October 7th—and thus quickly needed to gain the upper-hand by resorting to the tried-and-tested “system” of hyper victimology, complete with shameless theatrics.

Invoked as well was the old trick of equating the criticism of Israel as “antisemitism”—a charge that puts the fear of God into any self-respecting Westerner. Heaven forefend that I be called an “antisemite.” Ergo… what Palestinians? What bombing of the innocents? See, I’m not “anti-semitic…”

So, why does Israel slaughter Palestinians with impunity? Because Western powerbrokers and their ruling class have chosen Israel to play the role both of victim and “hero” of civilization. To that end, Palestinians (and Muslims generally) have been assigned the role of “villain,” who can only move from one outrage to the next atrocity. Just imagine the negative press if Zionism were a Muslim invention. In this way, “our values,” the “international rules-based order,” Western “civilization” are stood up against “barbarism.” When Israel kills babies, it kills for our good, for our “civilization,” for “our values.” We, in the West, are the beneficiaries of the “heroic” slaughter by the gallant IDF. Just as all those dead Ukrainians have let us keep our “democracy” and our “freedom.”

How can anyone object to dead barbarians, no matter how tiny? Perhaps a better question to ask—what have we become?

C.B. Forde writes from rural Canada.