On Post-Men and the Post-Human

When a man stops being a man, he does not become a woman. When a man ceases to be a man, he does not become a beast. Everything is more complicated here. He who betrays his gender falls below the critical line, below the boundary that includes both genders.

The post-man betrays both sexes at once. Then we are dealing with a monster, with a dangerous and unpredictable degenerate. And certainly not with a “woman.” It’s insulting to even think about it. With a woman, however, something is different. The true structure of her gender is original and poorly studied, and concepts such as loyalty/betrayal (which quite clearly describe the male attitude) do not correspond directly to her. There is (should be) a special language that should be used to describe women and their logic. It is a secret or as yet undiscovered language. Post-women do not exist. They were invented by post-men. There are no feminists either. There are victims of a dangerous and cynical experiment. They are simply to be pitied, like lame crows.

And, post-men do exist. And they are to blame for what they do and who they become. Everything around them begins to rot, decay, slip into dissolution. When there are critically few of them, they can somehow still have a place in culture—in exotic marginality, eccentricity, extravagant behavior. But as soon as post-men become a serious trend, they turn into a deadly, highly contagious virus. If you give them freedom, they will destroy everything around them.

Something similar is the case with those who lose their human form. There the matter is even more obvious. They do not turn into animals—animals, even if they are predatory or quite tiny, are organic, harmonious and never do what is not justified and not predetermined by their nature. They are beautiful in that, even when they carry the greatest danger or boredom. And we acknowledge this by treating animals, domestic and wild, with respect.

Post-humans are completely different. They break with our archetype, but they do not enter into an ontological contract with the beasts. Because man cannot become a beast. It is beyond his powers. And, most importantly: he does not and cannot have the innocence inherent in every beast. Thus, post-humans are also monsters, perverts and degenerates. In ancient times they were called “chimeras.” There is a version that they are ancestors of monkeys, but monkeys are harmonious, organic and charming. I think that version is fake. Monkeys should not be insulted.

Post-humans undermine the human being as post-men betray gender—gender as such. By demolishing man, post-men cause irreparable damage, including to animal nature.

Ecologists (primarily deep ecologists in the spirit of steam-punk or cyber-feminism) are one of the variants of post-humans. Unable to be human, they try to become mice or jackdaws; but by doing so they offend rodents and birds. Environmentalists are enemies of animals; under the guise of their protectors, they hide the faces of dehumanized maniacs.

Today’s liberals are predominantly post-men and post-human. Liberalism is a kind of post-ideology in which thought, idea, morality fall below the critical line. That is why modern liberals attach so much importance to gender politics and deep ecology. They are dragging humanity full speed into the ocean of degeneration. And, if they need nuclear war to bring into being monsters made of cellophane waste, algae and computer circuits, they will succeed at some point. What is in the head of a sodomite or an environmentalist-digitalizer functions outside the criteria of normality. Hence the mutations imposed by global elites—through the infosphere, comedians, virtuality, social networks, drugs, modern urban lifestyle (urbanism is one of the most important tools for forced mass degeneration).

Just take a look. In Georgia, the moderate government proposed the introduction of a law on foreign agents—as in the United States. Foreign agents immediately revolted. Because they were afraid that they would not be the only ones to decide who is an agent and who is not.

So it is with post-men and post-humans. Having taken over power, they themselves introduce the criteria of what is the norm, what is woke and what is not, what should be canceled. What was the norm in the field of gender until yesterday is now a crime in many European countries. Then, tomorrow, the violation of the rights of a computer or passer-by ant can become the basis for real punishment. And those who hate man cry the loudest about human rights. Exactly, feminism is just an aggressive, extremist version of radical misogyny.

The situation is complicated by the fact that at the next turn of history, in order to at least stay where we are, a complete apology for men (gender as a whole) and man as such is necessary. But today, this is precisely what the elites categorically prohibit—even in our society. So post-men and post-humans are already rooted there.

In Russia, contrary to the “traditional values” contained in Decree No. 809, in the field of legislative ruling paradigm, episteme, liberals still dominate. In essence, the Russian elite are directly sabotaging the President’s decisions to return to normalcy. And, without such a turn, there can be no full-fledged apology.

This is what we are facing right now. We are at war with the liberal globalist civilization; but we remain almost entirely under its ideological control. The second year of the war has begun; and here, contrary to what the President said and did, total sabotage reigns. That is the problem. And it’s not about how to win, it’s about how to start fighting for real.

War is men’s business. War is the business of humans. First of all, both must justify themselves. And put the opposite sex in places that are specially designated for that. Look for a man! You are looking for a man! It is something vitally important, which we absolutely must do.

But—do you feel how disturbing that sounds? Programs have already been inserted into us that do not even allow us to think in this direction. And, they do. We are actively and intensively demasculinizing and dehumanizing ourselves. And anyone who resists is declared a marginal, an obscurantist; they brand him with the most disgusting labels, and then they kill him.

Alexander Dugin is a widely-known and influential Russian philosopher. His most famous work is The Fourth Political Theory (a book banned by major book retailers), in which he proposes a new polity, one that transcends liberal democracy, Marxism and fascism. He has also introduced and developed the idea of Eurasianism, rooted in traditionalism. This article appears through the kind courtesy of Geopolitica.

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