Donald Trump for Speaker of the House: An Ultra-MAGA Endorsement

The urgency of the moment has finally dawned on many Americans
as our 45th President recently called for the 2020 elections to be thrown out and redone. Waiting until Jan 20, 2025 is unfathomable, given how quickly Biden’s usurpers are torching America’s capital—financial, spiritual, military and otherwise.

What, then, is to be done? The impeachment of Joe Biden in the House of Representatives is a foregone conclusion. A republican majority will have no end of reasons to do so—whether on the grounds of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, any number of federally-imposed pandemic-related nonsense or even the failure to enforce border security. The precedent supplied by the second “skinny” impeachment provides a highway to our end-goal: Trump’s restoration.

The problem with these secondary issues has a name and surname: Kamala Harris. While the temptation to judicialize bad policy is extant—say, selling the strategic petroleum reserve to China or the lease freeze for hydrocarbon drilling from federal land—the principal reason to focus on the 2020 election is that both occupants of the White House would be on the chopping block. Believe me, not even the Democrats want to replace Biden with Harris.

The effort to decertify the electors remains ongoing and may well take longer (on its own) than the two years until the next presidential election. Even then, it isn’t clear what the remedy would be, nor would it save America from the usurpers on time. Supercharging that process with the political capital from a freshly won election, empowering the impeachment procedures’ power to insert into the Official Record the evidence from the 2020 steal is the proper constitutional remedy for the situation before us.

As a matter of strategy, there may well be a case for impeaching individual cabinet members ahead of Biden/Harris, if only to warm up the Senate for removal votes. Deb Haaland and Alejandro Mayorkas don’t stand a chance, to say nothing of one Merrick Garland. Once the cabinet (and why not, maybe a few ambassadorships) have non-Biden confirmees replace impeachees, the 3/5ths of Senators may well find themselves before the inevitable conclusion that Joe has to go, too.

Why must it be Trump, some will ask? Firstly, it was him who was vetoed by subterfuge. While any number of republican figures could fit into the speaker’s chair (any US citizen is eligible), only he has remained steadfast in the face of unlawful persecution from the security apparatus. His baptism of fire uniquely qualifies him for the task at hand, and remedying his removal by installing a different republican in the White House would be cold comfort for the many millions of us who do not consider him interchangeable.

An American Cæsarism had previously been spoken of during the Reagan years—this same strategy of merging the Presidency’s Head of State role with the (limited and secondary) Head of Government powers the House Speakership holds. Indeed, it would be a step toward something more like Britain’s parliamentary cabinet government, though only for the top spots of America’s thrice-divided government. Trump would be fantastic at this job—the agenda-setting and cat-herding roles were always his superpower.

The “cohabitation” imposed by a Trump speakership would at very least limit the damage Biden’s usurpers could do over the next two and a half years. There is a comforting thought to bringing the intense sunlight of attention to, say, the budgeting process (long since decayed into mush). Something must also be said for many of the agenda items Trump has brought to bear, from civil service reform (schedule F) or even (for the brave) a second Church committee for reining in the abuses of the intelligence agencies.

The imperative to remove the current crop of executive branch officeholders, however, is and will remain the most impactful bit of legislating any member of the 118th congress could hope to achieve. Indeed, the establishment GOP has made some attempt at formalizing a governing agenda. They should be comforted, too, by this strategy, as the question of term limits would become extant once the restoration expunged the illegitimate 46th presidency.

MAGA Republican congressional candidates for the 2022 cycle should take a page out of the 2018 Democratic intake: run on impeaching the usurpers Biden & Harris, and proudly put the tagline “Trump for Speaker” on their all their banners and campaign comms. Far from tanking the GOP’s chances in the general, candidates will be surprised at how much energy they unleash.

Certainly a lot more so than some Romneyite tax credits. Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House!

Felipe Cuello is Professor of Public Policy at the Pontifical university in Santo Domingo. He currently holds an administrative management position in the upper house of the national legislature of the Dominican Republic and remains an operative of the Republican Party in the United States, where he served in both the Trump campaigns as well as the transition team of 2016/17 in a substantive foreign policy role. His past service includes the United Nations’ internal think tank, the International Maritime Organization, The European Union’s development-aid arm, and the office of a Brexiteer Member of the European Parliament previous to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. He is also the co-author and voice of the audiobook of Trump’s World: Geo Deus released in January 2020, back when discussing substance and principles were the order of the day.